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Wireless Communications for

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Canadians spend an average of 90% of their time inside buildings. Occupants or network subscribers expect uninterrupted, open connections for their high-demand ,bandwidth-intensive applications. This amplifies the demand for extended reach and uninterrupted service of cellular networks anywhere inside buildings.

Unfortunately, in-building environments are uniquely challenging due to “clutter,” in the form of cement walls, elevator shafts, metal and even the type of glass used.

The Building Blocks

In addition, actual deployments service providers must support are varied and complex, ranging from small to large building complexes. Wireless options serve as building blocks to future proofing healthy sustainable buildings. These may include:

1. Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS):  Centralized baseband, centralized radio, distributed antennas with analog or digital RF connecting radio head and antennas over dedicated cable

2. Distributed Radio Systems (DRS): Centralized baseband, radio and antenna integrated in one module and distributed throughout the building/venue; common public radio interface (CPRI) connecting the baseband and the radio head over dedicated cable.

3. Small Cells (distributed baseband systems): Baseband, radio and antenna integrated in one module and distributed throughout the building/venue.

These building blocks can be centralized, distributed, or integrated together into modules. They are then distributed throughout a building and connected with cabling such as a Passive Optical Network (PON), between each element and back to the operator core.

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