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We are a Healthy Sustainable Building technology solutions provider, deeply passionate about Environmental sustainability and health and wellness.


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IOT Solutions

We design and provide integrated building technologies solutions starting with a common infrastructure. We create a healthy, smart, sustainable building roadmap to consolidate systems and infrastructures, eliminating redundancies to save construction and operational costs.

Having a scalable common network infrastructure as the foundation to one intuitive building management interface reduces up-front capital and operating costs and complexities, saving our customers time, space and money.

“HSS is leading the way in helping clients realize optimal network infrastructure for sustainable construction.”
Clint Undseth, CEO

Our Focus

At Howe Sound Solutions we’re focused on innovating new ways to reduce operating costs and realize extended value via better, more sustainable design and infrastructure practices.

Common Infrastructure

The main benefits of providing a common network infrastructure are to deliver a healthy, smart, sustainable building that enables optimal energy efficiency, environmental comfort and safety, while enabling proactive and predictive maintenance throughout the lifecycle of the building.

Facilitating Better Adoption

HSS has adopted the passive optical network (PON) method, a fiber optic communications technology infrastructure for delivering all building systems communications via a broadband network accessible for any customer requirement today or tomorrow based on the ultra-high bandwidth capacity.

How Does It Work?

PON digital architecture implements point-to-multipoint topology, a single optical fiber serves multiple endpoints by using passive fiber optic splitters to divide the fiber bandwidth among multiple access points. Buildings around the world are deploying next-generation PON as the new normal.

For our customers, these opportunities include:

1 .
Converge residential, business broadband, and mobile communications on one infrastructure.
2 .
Accelerate 5G deployments, save on transport costs, Generate new revenue streams, & improve ROI.​
3 .
Delight Your customers and tenants by offering them premium Gigabit and multi-Gigabit services.
Contact HSS to figure out how to use PON and IoT to increase free cash-flow.

Whether you are planning a new build, a migration, or some tactical updates, HSS will simplify your design and implementation for your business to capitalize on these opportunities.