Our Story

We are a Healthy Sustainable Building technology solutions provider, deeply passionate about Environmental sustainability and health and wellness.


Welcome To

Howe Sound Solutions

HSS is a Healthy Sustainable Building technology solutions provider. We serve our customer’s bottom line results through technology design and construction coordination, commissioning hand-over and operational support services applying our expertise with advanced digital infrastructure, integration and sustainability across all parts of a building’s life cycle.

HSS is passionate about Environmental sustainability and health and wellness. We started at Howe Sound British Columbia near Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler, living and working where we remain inspired by nature and our great outdoor environment. We are reminded everyday about the criticality of our Healthy Sustainable spaces.

“Our promise is HSS Assurance for measurably delivering healthy sustainable buildings.”
Clint Undseth, CEO

Our Experience

Our team grew up both with construction and technology and created North America’s first Centre for Building Performance. HSS absolutely understands construction and building challenges, applying innovation leveraging our teams experience complimented by our mentors and network of global thought leaders to deliver better outcomes through measurable results.

Changes in technology are rapidly evolving while demands for construction, building and sustainability performance are ever increasing. This places greater demands on construction and building industry’s innovation. All the while industry innovation has not been keeping pace to provide practical solutions that deliver measurable results.

Our range of professional services and vendor neutral solutions can be applied from conception and design phases through to construction and operations while ensuring our customer’s vision is properly aligned through development, design, construction and hand over for operations with the corporate brand.

Our Emphasis

With an emphasis on Healthy Sustainable Buildings for Seniors Living, Hospitality and Mixed-Use High Rise Living, HSS has worked with some of the most prominent national and international hospitality brands and developers. Our teams’ qualifications apply through the entire digital foundation including Network Infrastructure, both Passive and Active, Wireless, Digital Signage, IoT, Integration, Analytics, Dashboards and Data Science.


The Next Chapter

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the culture of how buildings are managed by making apparent the need to ensure health and well-being in all aspects of our lives.  We are committed to outcome-based solutions that enable building owners to transparently address how they limit exposure to and the spread of viruses while supporting their business continuity needs in an uncertain environment. HSS is giving our customer the data they need to confidently reassure their guests, occupants and employees.

Returning to work after a pandemic will not be returning to business as usual. Insurers, asset managers and occupants are expecting credible information and increased visibility into how building technology is protecting their health and what has been done to ensure that the buildings they enter are safe. Healthy buildings go beyond just energy efficiency to ensure the health, comfort, confidence and productivity of the people who use them. Integrated solutions for healthy buildings include air quality, occupancy physical spacing, thermal screening, sanitation efficacy, water management and lighting spectrum management.