Healthy Buildings

We are a Healthy Sustainable Building technology solutions provider, deeply passionate about Environmental and Financial Sustainability and Health and Wellness.


Healthy Spaces

To Live & Work In

For our families, our guests, and occupants- health, wellness and peace of mind are an absolute priority.

Healthy buildings start with measurable indoor air quality, thermal comfort, natural daylight and good acoustics with individual control– which all enable a healthy and productive living or working environment. A healthy and productive environment is a key element of any smart, sustainable building given that the vast majority of real costs for any business are connected to staffing costs, including salaries and benefits. 

Healthy Building Solutions for Hotels

The long-term impact of clean air goes beyond enhancing occupant wellbeing, health and safety. It also keeps HVAC systems clean, maximizes cooling coil heat transfer efficiency and energy savings.

Sustainable by Design

Air quality, including measurement and management of particulates or pathogens and temperature, humidity, ventilation, and other environmental variables must be maintained. Verification of these space conditions requires precise measurement, monitoring, real-time notifications with associated actionable protocols. HSS works with global thought leaders in the research, development, design. And implementation to deliver healthy sustainable buildings.